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2014/Jul/31 Tomohiro's (M2) paper on the MOMS (Micro-opto mechanical systems) switch will appear at AIP Advances. Congratulations!
2014/Jun/14 Takumi (D1) and Akihiko (M2) gave presentations at CLEO:2014.
2014/May/22 Tomoya (M1) presented an oral talk at LQE workshop in Fukui.
2014/Apr/28 Spring colloquium was taking place
2014/Apr/24 Takasumi gave a talk on RF noise measurement of Kerr Comb at ALPS'14.
2014/Apr/3 Pictures of international workshop on the fabrication and application on micro-optic deive are uploaded.
2014/Apr/2 Welcome! Six new members joined our group.
2013/Apr/11 Ryusuke got RA position on Keio Leading Graduate School Program. Congratulations!
2014/Apr/2 Welcome! Six new members joined our group.
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