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Welcome International Students !

Graduate Students (Master & PhD)

Keio University is known as the oldest private school in Japan.  And Keio is one of the top universities among Asian countries.

There are various opportunities for enrollment to Keio University.  We seek students who are keen to work hard and are motivated to do research.

I suggest you contact me (Prof. Tanabe, and send your CV before you officially apply to the admission office.  There are International Graduate Program (IGP) for both Master and Doctor courses at Keio University.  For more information, you may visit here.

Please note that in Japan, all students are asked to pay their tuition fees (including the PhD).  But, there are opportunities to receive scholarships upon admissions.  You will find this information on the admission page, so please read carefully.

Besides, we also welcome short-time visitors.  However, for this case, we usually ask the student to cover their own cost that is needed during their stay.

Double-degree students

Please ask your local organizer for DD enrollment.


We are continuously seeking post-docs, who have a reasonable background in optics and photonics.  If you are interested in our research activities, please contact me along with your CV.  Thank you very much.

Besides, we are welcome who is interested in applying JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships.  We will support the application if you are interested in.  You will find the information here.

General info Message Research Diversity Publications Album Q&A