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Lab activities

April (New semester starts)

Cherry-blossom viewing: Party with other groups.
Spring Colloquium: Graduate students presents their research plan.
Spring Colloquium: We invite lectures from outside.  This is academic writing course.
Spring Colloquium: Lunchtime is always fun.

May (CLEO conference)

Attend CLEO: CLEO has been one of the most important conferences for our group to present our latest research.
Attend CLEO: A photo with Nobel laureate Prof. Mourou.  Takasumi will serve as a CLEO program chair in 2020.
Lab visit: This picture is taken when we visited Stanford when my students attended CLEO in San Jose.

June (CLEO/Europe & CLEO/PR)

BBQ: We occasionally have a BBQ party with alumni.
Attend CLEO/Europe: Lab members really love to attend CLEO/Europe.  Why?  Because of Pretzel & Bier!
Visiting TUM: This picture was taken when we had a KEIO/TUM joint seminar at TUM, during the CLEO/Europe period.
Sightseeing:  Sightseeing is also important for young students to learn about different cultures.

July (Softball tournament)

Softball tournament:  We have a tournament in our faculty; we are really serious to win!  This is our ace pitcher.  His fastball is amazing.
Softball tournament: Takasumi, of course, is in the lineup.  Not a good batting average, but his defense is so-so…  🙂
Softball tournament:  We won the faculty tournament, and advanced to the upper tournament in our university.

August (Summer trip)

Presentation for undergraduate: Bachelor students must study paper and present in front of professors.  This is the training for the Bachelor defense which will hold half-year later.

Presentation for undergraduate: A break

Summer trip:  Every summer, we go on a trip with our lab members.  Sometimes we go really far and sometimes just outskirts Tokyo.  This picture was taken in Saipan, USA!
Summer trip:  BBQ at night!
Summer trip:  Rafting and cannoning in Minakami-cho, Gumma.
Summer trip:  This year, we went to trout fishing at Atsugi, Kanagawa.  Very yummy…
Summer trip:  This is a picture taken at Karuizawa, Gumma.  Takasumi was a captain at the S&T faculty tennis team when he was a student.
Summer trip:  This year, we went to Chiba, to do all kinds of sports.

Hiking:  Sometimes we go out hiking to the mountains!

September (JSAP meeting)

JSAP meeting:  JSAP meeting is one of the most important domestic conferences for us.  In this picture, double-degree student Jocelyn is presenting his work.
Dinner at JSAP meeting: Lamb BBQ dinner at Hokkaido.  Going out to dinner with students and professors after a successful presentation is always fun.

October (Work, work, and work…)

Research:  Concentrating on research activities!

November (Alumni party)

Workshop with other labs:  We have a workshop with other labs to exchange their ideas.  We have poster presentations and pizzas!!
Mid-term presentation: First-year master students will have a mid-term presentation to receive feedback from professors.  Research activities are getting really serious now.
KO party:  This is a joint alumni party for four groups.  It is a formal one.
Alumni party:  We also have an alumni party for our group only.  It is more casual, and we go out to eat!

December (Master and PhD Defenses)

Exhibition:  We have KEIO TECHNO MALL Exhibition in Tokyo.  This is to find partner company interested in our research.  Graduate students explain how important our research is.
Master Defense:  A defense for Master course students.  Our master course is research oriented, which means less courses and more lab works (compare to US and EU).  Therefore they are expected to present really good work.
PhD defence:  Usually PhD defense are held in this season.  We usually invite external reviewer to review PhD thesis and the presentation.  This picture is taken during the defense of Mr. (now Dr! Congratulations!) Takumi Kato.  At that time Prof. M. Loncar (Harvard) joined as a committee member.
Seminars: This is a picture of Prof. Finley (TUM) during his seminar in our institution.  He was invited as an external reviewer for Mr. (now Dr! Congratulations!) Tetsumoto’s PhD defense.
Workshops:  We have international and domestic workshops during this season.
Workshops:  This is a picture of our graduate student explaining his work to Prof. Lute Maleki, who was invited in a workshop in Keio.  Having a workshop at our institution is really stimulating for students, since they will have a chance to know the cutting-edge researches.
Workshops: This is a picture taken during the Banquet.  Even Bachelor students have an opportunities to interact with a well-known scientist.  
Year-end party:  Year-end party is a tradition in Japan.  We award students, such as “Who has the highest slug percentage during the softball tournament?  or; Who worked most hard to make the lab clean? etc…”

January (New year season)

New year worship:  We go to Hiyoshi Shrine for a new-year worship.  International students are very interested in this culture.
LSJ:  Annual meeting of LSJ (the Laser Society of Japan). 

February (Bachelor defense)

Bachelor thesis defense: Bachelors must present and defense their work against faculty professors.  This is a lot of work, and the are usually getting very nervous, since for some students this is the really first official presentation they experience.
SPIE Photonics West:  SPIE Photonics West is another important conference to attend.  The exhibition is HUGE!
Winter trip:  Every winter, we go to ski trip.  The new members also join this trip and become friends.
Winter trip: Skiing and snowboarding are really fun!
Winter trip: OK, hmmm…  It seems they had too much fun last night…  🙂
International Symposium: February is another season that we occasionally have international and domestic symposia.  This picture is taken at Kamakura after the symposium on the microresonator frequency comb.
International Symposium: Students can learn cutting-edge research without traveling to the US and EU.  this is really exciting.

March (Graduation)

JSAP annual meeting (Spring):  Definitely this is the most important conference for our group.  In particular for the bachelor students, since many of them will present their work at this conference.
Graduation: Congratulations!
Farewell party: Having fun at the farewell party!
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