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Diversity is essential


Takasumi Tanabe
Prof. Takasumi Tanabe

Diversity is one of the most important things that we have to concern when pursuing research.  We need people from different backgrounds to do innovation research. 

I, by myself, spent six years in Germany during my childhood and stayed a year with my host family in the US as an exchange student when I was a senior high-school student.  So I know how difficult it is to live in a different country.  We will be very supportive to international students.  So please do not be afraid to come to Japan.


We do researches on photonics, particularly developing ultra-small pulse lasers and integrated photonics.  A broad definition of our research is Applied Physics.  Some of our research topics would belong to Electrical Engineering, but we are rather in physics than in electronics.

Courses for master and PhD

Unlike in US and EU universities, most Japanese universities have more lab activities than classes during the master and PhD courses.  In other words, we are really research-oriented and most of the students spend most of the time in the lab.  This does not mean it is good or bad; It has always pros and cons.

General info Message Research Diversity Publications Album Q&A